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February 9, 2017


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I’m back ! Been along time !

now I’ve had an even bigger

Bday ! 60 🙃

More to come….


June 2, 2011

A Great Read

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Plain Wisdom by Cindy Woodsmall & Miriam Flaud was an excellent book.

It was the kind of book hard to put down and I didn’t want it to end. I loved getting to know these ladies and about their lives. I loved hearing how their lives were so different yet the same..and it was very inspiring book.I anxious to recommend this book to friends. I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.



May 10, 2011

Back at it..

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Going to try and BLOG again..about reading,writing and

life..cant believe have not blogged in years~more to come,,

November 16, 2007

Nov 2007

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Time Time could so long go with my not blogging!,,going

to try again..just had a call from a panicked friend,her son is failing

spanish and bad attitudes at school,so many woes,so many worrys,,

am not ready for the holidays,going to try and make it simple and

fun..more sooner…………

June 23, 2007

What’s Happening

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Just coming in from doing some yardwork,had me and husband

and two of four kids all going at the yard,pulling weeds and grass

in places and in plants not wanted!……….I came in to check e-mail

and move laundry,my never ending job….nothing too exciting,but

doing the dailys…more soon………….if anyone reads this tell me a

couple of things you do chores,reading the paper,reading

for fun,reading your Bible maybe?? washing your hair..

I’m Back

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Can’t believe it is June 21st..I am going to try and BLOG more

hahahaha..we’ll see..need to just write what is happening..dear

friend has cancer..another friend in hospital with an infection,

feeling very blessed by my life!…………my kids are coming and

going and I can barely keep up with the schedule,very busy

husband……………God is good all the I believe that all

the time? its hard when you hear so much suffering in the

world..and question what is GOD doing? what is HE up to? what

is HIS plan? that I will trust HIM no matter what…more soon!

June 22, 2007

Two days in a row!

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Good morning..thinking lately differences in people how some people

want to be stoic,and some like me where heart on there sleaves!,,

anyone reading this (if anyone ever does??) can tell me which you

are and any thoughts??………………….

April 4, 2007

Things I like..

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Mail,E-mail,Packages!,popcorn!reading,librarys,sitting by a fire,spaghetti,jelly beans,fresh washed sheets, in the house,singing,coffee,tea,meeting a friend for lunch out,or breakfast,

date with my husband,going to a movie,flying in a plane,reading peoples BLOGS,chickens in figurines,

candles,a little about me!

February 14, 2007

My Biggest Birthday

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This month and year is pretty big for me,I was born in 1957 meaning this year of 2007

I turned 50!!..and I was married in 1982 meaning in May 2007 we will be wed 25 years!

Turning 50 has been pretty traumatic for me,I am the baby in my family and people have

always thought I was younger..(hope they still do!)..I know now that 50 is just a number

and now I see that it is still young..I think it is my most hardest B-day yet..a highlight

was just my husband and I went away for two nights to the beach leaving our four kids

at home..we had a great time and I was spoiled with eating out and we had some great

walks..and time alone!..the kids youngest girl (11) was the sad one that

we left,I have had two B-day lunches with friends and have another one coming and

I am being spoiled with a plant,starbucks cards,candles,tea towels,candy and more..

Now Today is Valentines Day,my husband got me my favorite plant a hydrangea..&

a card and balloon..this is my time to be is weird to think I have been around

for 50 years!,,,,,,,,,,,,

January 17, 2007

Stuck home in the snow!

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In our town when we have snow things seem to come to a stop!..but it is fun and beautiful

and white!…my kids have no school and my adult daughter does not have to go to work..

My Hubby is at work,he was able to drive our old 1983 Toyota in with chains!…my girls

are watching TV and my son is about to go walk and meet friends..tomorrow is my babys

11th Birthday,I have some gifts for her but I was suppose to take treats to school,but not

sure there will be school again??..and I have to see if I have the makings to make her a

CAKE!…….she wanted a store bought ice cream cake..we’ll see??………………….

wherever you are enjoy the climate and savor the day!

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